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OK... we know our selection is not quite as grand as a lot of our competitors, but we operate a little bit differently here. We carry only those items we have personally tested and found them to be suitable for sale. So no, we don't have 92 varieties of LED bulbs, but the handful we do keep in stock are some of the best value you will find anywhere.

5x BA9s LED Gauge Light
7/8" Bar Controls - Left and Right

Vintage-look bar controls. Includes all the usual switches.

3W LED Accent Light

Small LED lights. Perfect as an accent light or for lighting up a small section of your motorcycle.

On Sale! $20.00 $18.00
20W H4 LED Headlight Bulb

LED headlight bulb for decreased power usage and increased visibility at night. The real deal.

2x BA15S LED Bulbs "Single Filament"

Straight swap LED bulbs for use in standard turn signal sockets. LED flasher unit may be required.

Auxiliary LED Light

LED flood light with a wide angle. Useful for covering large areas with light.

1x 12V LED BA15D "Dual Filament"

Straight swap LED bulb for use in standard brake/tail light sockets. No special equipment needed.

Universal Flasher Relay

For use with 12V or 6V systems and can use incandescent or LED bulbs. Truly universal!

LED Diode Kit

Inline diodes for solving "cross over" turn signal issues when swapping to LED turn signal bulbs.

LED Flasher and Diode Pack
DIY LED Dash Lights

Component LEDs for those looking to make their own dashboard setup.

Honda Ignition Switch

A plug and play swap, matching all OEM specifications

7" Sealed Beam H4 LED Headlight

Complete LED Sealed Beam Unit

Universal Turnkey Ignition Switch

Universal ignition switch with electric start (car style)

7/8" Bar Controls - Left and Right - Polished

Universal 7/8" bar controls in polished aluminum.