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Charging and Regulators

All things power! This is our current selection of charging-related components. Generally, this is your regulator/rectifier, but we also have a few special extras. Looking for something specific? Email us at

Optimate Lithium Battery Charger
Trickle charger specifically designed for LI-ION batteries.
FB-11 Fuse Box
Designed and developed especially for Sparck Moto! A great place to start on your custom harness.
12V Single Phase Regulator/Rectifier
Specifically designed for Sparck Moto, our single phase regulator/rectifier is the best value on the market.
12V 3 Phase PM Regulator / Rectifier
The same great technology as our single phase unit, now available for the later twins.
12V 3 Phase EM Regulator / Rectifier
Designed for use on four cylinder Hondas but also works on many other makes and models (with some wiring). Email us for details.
6v to 12v Step Up Converter
Step up converter for partial conversion of 6v to 12v systems.

Controls and Lighting

OK... we know our selection is not quite as grand as a lot of our competitors, but we operate a little bit differently here. We carry only those items we have personally tested and found them to be suitable for sale. So no, we don't have 92 varieties of LED bulbs, but the handful we do keep in stock are some of the best value you will find anywhere.

5x BA9s LED Gauge Light
7/8" Bar Controls - Left and Right
Vintage-look cast aluminum bar controls. Includes all the usual switches.
3W LED Accent Light
Small LED lights. Perfect as an accent light or for lighting up a small section of your motorcycle.
20W H4 LED Headlight Bulb
LED headlight bulb for decreased power usage and increased visibility at night. The real deal.
2x BA15S LED Bulbs "Single Filament"
Straight swap LED bulbs for use in standard turn signal sockets. LED flasher unit may be required.
Auxiliary LED Light
LED flood light with a wide angle. Useful for covering large areas with light.
1x 12V LED BA15D "Dual Filament"
Straight swap LED bulb for use in standard brake/tail light sockets. No special equipment needed.
Universal Flasher Relay
For use with 12V or 6V systems and can use incandescent or LED bulbs. Truly universal!
LED Diode Kit
Inline diodes for solving "cross over" turn signal issues when swapping to LED turn signal bulbs.
LED Flasher and Diode Pack
DIY LED Dash Lights
Component LEDs for those looking to make their own dashboard setup.

Engine and Batteries

Our current selection of high quality LI-ION batteries can be found here, as well a few extra goodies we keep laying around.

EarthX Jump Pack
Optimate Lithium Battery Charger
Trickle charger specifically designed for LI-ION batteries.
Terminal Adapter
A little extra bump in space for installing smaller LI-ION batteries.
Honda CB/CL 360 Cam Chain Tensioner Set
Replacement cam chain tensioner set for the Honda 360 and 250G motors.

Fuse Boxes and Motogadget

For many years motogadget is synonymous with high quality instruments and innovative accessories for the motor bike market. These product’s outstanding design, features, material and finish make us premier choice for many modders, customizers, and bike enthusiasts. Many of these products are either completely unique or only available from Motogadget in certain configurations or dimensions.

FB-11 Fuse Box
Designed and developed especially for Sparck Moto! A great place to start on your custom harness.

Harnesses and Wiring

This section contains all of the pre-made wiring we currently carry. We are happy to undertake custom jobs, so if you need something special, please don't hesitate to ask!

Universal Wiring Harness
Our universal wiring harness for those wanting to get a jump start on their wiring without having to pay the full amount for a custom setup.
Honda 360/250 Harness - OEM Spec
Matches the original harness in all features. A direct swap.
Ignition Coil or Headlight Subharness
Allows a direct run of power from the battery to either your ignition coils or your headlight.


It's a lifestyle. We get it. Feed the habit.

Sparck Moto Decal
Fly the colors of your favorite electrical and electronic parts supplier!
Custom Designed Vinyl Work
Gauge (or other) decals specifically designed just for you.
Sparck Moto T-Shirt
Available in black, white, or gray.
Gear Shift Decal
Large text motorcycle gear shift pattern decal.