Ignition Coil or Headlight Subharness

Allows a direct run of power from the battery to either your ignition coils or your headlight.

Now available from Sparck Moto: Ignition Coil and Headlight Subharnesses. These standalone wiring kits allow a direct, fused, run from the battery to your ignition coil or headlight (or headlight switch). This cuts down on the total length of the wiring run and the total number of connections of these circuits when compared to stock. Shorter wiring and fewer connections means less resistance, which means more power. These subharnesses can increase the power of your spark or the brightness of your headlight, especially so with three Ohm coils or headlights 55W and above.

Compatible with all headlights and all Kettering (aka points) and TCI (aftermarket, too!) ignition systems.

Approximately four feet in total length.