6V to 12V Conversion Kit w/ Battery


  • 12V Sparck Moto Regulator/Rectifier
  • Sparck Moto LED Flasher Relay
  • Diode Pack
  • (1) BA15D LED Bulb (running light and rear brake / tail light)
  • (4) BA15S LED Bulbs (front and rear turn signals)
  • (5) BA9S LED Gauge Bulbs (gauge back lights, turn signal indicator, high beam indicator, neutral light indicator)
  • 12V Universal Horn
  • 4.7O Ignition Coil
  • 20W H4 LED Headlight Bulb
  • EarthX ETX12A LI-ION Battery
  • Contains LED lighting (headlight, tail/brake light, turn signals, and gauge bulbs), LED flasher relay, diodes, 12V regulator/rectifier, universal 12V horn, and 4.7 Ohm ignition coil. Also included is an EarthX ETX12A LI-ION battery that fits into most 6V battery boxes.