FB-11 Fuse Box

Designed and developed especially for Sparck Moto! A great place to start on your custom harness.

This "semi-intelligent" fuse box is a universal part, intended for use in all vintage motorcycles. The fuse box is good for a maximum total current load of 25A, but we recommend keeping it at 20A or less. This is inline with almost anything made before 1980 and quite a few bikes even into the 90s.

The FB-11 has 11 separate power connections, across nine circuits. Three of the connections are always on and protected by the off-board main fuse (optional extra) as part of a single circuit. These connections will remain on even if the ignition switch is off. This is useful for battery tenders, some types of digital gauges, and RFID locking kits.

Includes full instructions and schematic.

Outside dimensions of the enclosure are 5" x 3.5" x 2.25" but the fuse box can be mounted without the enclosure so long as it is kept out of the elements and away from any bare metal that can cause a short circuit.

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