Honda 350 Electrical Refurb Kit


  • OEM-spec Honda 350 Harness
  • Sparck Moto Regulator / Rectifier
  • Sparck Moto LED Flasher Relay
  • Diode Pack
  • (1) BA15D LED Bulbs (rear brake / tail light)
  • (4) BA15S LED Bulbs (front and rear turn signals)
  • (5) BA9S LED Gauge Bulbs (gauge back lights, turn signal indicator, high beam indicator, neutral light indicator)
  • Replaces most of the eletrical components and wiring on your Honda 350. Bring the ol' girl up into the 21st century with brand new LED bulbs, a flasher relay, a LI-ION safe regulator/rectifier, and a new main harness.