12V 3 Phase PM Regulator / Rectifier

The same great technology as our single phase unit, now available for the later twins.

Built to the same specifications as our popular single phase model, this regulator/rectifier works on almost all motorcycles with a three phase permanent magnet alternator.

This includes almost all of the Honda twins and singles made on or after 1978, almost all of the Suzuki GS models, and many Kawasaki and Yamaha models as well.

Includes matching connectors and terminals for a brand new installation.

If you're unsure if this regulator/rectifier will fit your bike, please email us at support@sparckmoto.com and we'll get back to you (usually within 24 hours).

Wire colors are as follows:

Yellow - AC from alternator

Green - Ground

Red - Directly to battery positive terminal

Black - Switched power (should have power whenever bike is turned on, but no power when bike is off)